Owner/Head Artist

Sami Makela was born in Helsinki, Finland. As a son of a well known World War II illustrator, Reijo Makela, Sami grew up appreciating all types of art. After finishing art school in Helsinki and making a name for himself as a graffiti mural artist, Sami travelled to Paris to seek inspiration. Finally in 1994, Sami decided to pursue his dreams in America.

As an apprentice to the late Ricardo Guerrero from Ricardo's Art Studio (est. 1969), Sami became fell in love with the masters of Palm Beach's Golden Age, Mizner and Fatio. As an European artist, it felt like a natural fit to be involved in restoring and creating art in European style mansions and estates on the island. Sami also travelled all over Europe as the head designer for the largest privately owned Elvis Presley touring museum and lead designer for a pirate theme park in Finland. Sami also worked as a set designer/scenic artist for Multi Image Group based in Boca Raton, Florida.

Currently Makela Art Studio operates all over East and West Coast of Florida offering art services ranging from contemporary decorative paintings to historical restorations. Sami has a meticulous eye for color and detail and finds challenging projects to be the most exciting. Sami loves to collaborate with professionals such as interior designers and architects.

On his free time, Sami creates his own paintings and enjoys concerts and movies. Sami resides in East Lake Worth with his family and three dogs, Annie, Elvis and Jim Morrison.